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Home Battery Luminous SW UPS ICON 1100 Home Inverter

Luminous SW UPS ICON 1100 Home Inverter


Luminous SW UPS ICON 1100 Home Inverter/UPS and Battery ILTJ24036 180Ah + FREE TROLLEY

Product Description

  • No of Home Inverter/UPS and Battery: 01 each
  • Home Inverter/UPS Capacity: Capacity – 900 VA, Rated power: 756 W
  • Battery Capacity: Voltage – 12 Volt, Capacity – 180 Ah, Tubular Home Inverter/UPS battery
  • Key feature for Home Inverter/UPS: Sine wave Home Inverter/UPS, Hassle free battery water top, Fast low voltage battery charging, No open wires, Supports all tubular batteries from 150Ah – 220 Ah
  • Key feature for Battery: Minimum maintenance and withstand long and frequent power cuts
  • Safety: No Open wires as battery is encapsulated in the Home Inverter/UPS asking it completely safe for children
  • Warranty: For Home Inverter/UPSs – 24 months and for battery – 24+12* months

FREE DELIVERY and for installation call Surya Services and Solutions, Mangalore at +91-9902193030

RETURNS: Product is returnable after delivery, provided it is not unpacked or unpacked and installed



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