Here is a tailored list of all the top places to visit in Karwar. These places have some outstanding experiences just waiting for you to be a part of.

1. Devbagh Beach

Devbagh beach is perhaps the most popular place when planning to go for Karwar sightseeing. This beach is famed for offering the perfect summer experience that you are on a search for. Bright sun, cerulean sea, and the golden sands of this beach combine to offer an impeccable experience. You can witness the vibrant white seagulls flying against the backdrop of sunset hues.

This beach is nestled in the middle of the marvelous Western Ghats and the enigmatic Arabian Sea. The untouched beauty of this beach will only attract you more and more towards itself.

2. Kurumgad Island

Another one of the famous places in Karwar is Kurumgad Island. Blanketing the popular Narasimha Temple, this island is known for its peculiar shape, which is that of a tortoise. By virtue of being home to the temple, this Island has witnessed an increase in its footfall.

You can see plenty of pilgrims swarming in and out of this island all year round. This Island has a plethora of activities for you to be a part of. From giving you a chance to take part in several water sports to stroll around the historic yet deserted lighthouse, the Kurumgad Island surely is one of its kind.

3. Oyster Rock Lighthouse

Constructed back in the 1860s under the British reign, Oyster Rock Lighthouse is among the oldest Karwar tourist spots. This extremely magnificent colonial structure is famous for its architecture and the old-world charm that it exudes.

Also referred to as ‘Devgad Island Lighthouse’, this marvel wears a dome proudly and gives you a chance to witness the entrance to the lantern room. This particular spot is ideal to soak in the pretty yellow hues during the sunrise and coral-lit sky as the sun starts setting. The picturesque landscape that this spot has to offer is simply remarkable.

4. Tilmati Beach

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you should consider taking a trip to Tilmati Beach when in Karwar. This beach is basically a shoreline that can only be reached via hiking. The entire hiking route is as picturesque as it can get.

The one major highlight that got this beach the fame was the basaltic black colored sand. This sand resembles the sesame seeds to some extent and is bound to take your breath away with the brilliant natural wonder that it is. This entire experience might be a little short but is truly exciting.

5. Anashi Waterfall

If your idea of a vacation is to soak in the beauty of nature, Anashi Waterfall is one of the places to visit in Karwar that you should not miss out on. Nothing less than paradise on earth, Anashi Waterfall is an incredible attraction that is sitting near the Anshi Village.

Nestled amidst the lush and dense vegetation, Anashi Waterfall is a refreshing natural wonder that will take all your fatigue away. You can witness several colorful birds flying around the chilly waters and inhabiting the surrounding greens. It certainly offers a cherishable experience.

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