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Tulunadu: Prices of fruits and vegetables soar

Udupi/Mangalore: Prices of vegetables have further become dearer to consumers during the Navaratri festival period. Prices of carrot, beans and drumstick have crossed the century mark.

Now, fish is cheaper than vegetables. Carrot is sold at Rs 90 a kilo while 15 medium sized mackerels cost only Rs 100.

Beans is sold at Rs 80 to 100 per kilo, ridge gourd at Rs 60, bittegourd at Rs 70 and capsicum at Rs 80 to 100 a kilo.

Gherkins is available at Rs 70 a kilo, Bengaluru aubergine at Rs 40, sweet potato at Rs 50, cauliflower Rs 50, cabbage Rs 30, beetroot at Rs 70, raddish at Rs 70 and Okra at Rs 70 a kilo.

Sambar cucumber which used to be available for Rs 15 to 20 a kilo is now available at a price of Rs 60. This is the main ingredient used during the Annadana in temples during the Navaratri festival.

The price of Tomato is somewhat stable at Rs 40 a kilo. Onion is being sold at Rs 30 while drumstick has shot up to Rs 120 to 130 a kilo.

The price of coriander green leaves which had touched Rs 200 per kg has decreased a bit and is now sold at Rs 150. Fenugreek and spinach are now available at Rs 12 to 15 per bunch.

The prices of fruits has also skyrocketed. The yelakki variety of banana is sold at Rs 80 while Chikku is available for Rs 100 a kilo, Papaya at Rs 40 and Pineapple at Rs 80 per kilo.

Vegetable vendors say that the prices are likely to remain high till the end of festival for sure.



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